The Joseph Wehner and Philip Culp Scholarships

Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI is an organization whose sole purpose is not only to assist its membership but provide for future generations of fire investigators. On November 7th, 1986, Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI established a scholarship program to provide for persons who are entering the Police/Fire sciences field. The number of these Scholarships are determined by the Scholarship Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors, applicants must be recommended by a member of Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI and must also be enrolled in the next scheduled semester of a two- or four-year technical school, college or university that offers said courses. Application for the scholarships are to be received or post marked no later than March 31st, if applications are received later than this they will not be considered, the amount for each of these scholarships is $750.

Chapter 25 IAAI Special Awards Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI is presently in the process of seeking nominations for the various awards that it has available; these awards are for the purpose of recognizing people or groups that have reflected their professionalism towards the field of fire/arson investigation. Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI also recognizes those individuals who give of themselves and provide outstanding service, effort and direction towards the objectives of making Chapter 25 IAAI an organization that reflects the integrity and professional character of its membership and the job that being a fire/arson investigator represent. These are the following Awards that are currently available from Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI

  • Investigator of The Year
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • The Key Award
  • The Team Award
  • Awards of Recognition

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